Hiden Analytical – New real time gas analysis video

The new Hiden Analytical real time gas analysis video is available.  We design, develop and manufacture quadrupole mass spectrometers for advanced research applications and specialist process monitoring. Gas analysis by mass spectrometry, is fast, sensitive and quantitative. This video takes you through the steps of instrument set-up, calibration and data output. Visit Hiden Analytical on … Continued

Hiden Analytical LAS – New Automated High Throughput Leak Analysis System.

Energy storage is increasingly important in modern life. As our reliance on battery powered mobile devices increases, lifetime and performance are critical features of the technology. To ensure leak tightness and that the electrolyte in the battery cells doesn’t escape or interact with water, battery manufacturers must use leak-testing techniques to test battery packs and … Continued

New Hiden Electrochemistry Applications Catalogue.

The new brochure from Hiden Analytical details some examples of the wide range of electrochemistry applications that Hiden Analytical products are being used for, which is allowing the research and development of more efficient and improved power storage. Hiden Gas Analysis systems consist of a precision manufactured quadrupole mass spectrometer, a highly sensitive and stable … Continued