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Exhibitor Spotlight – Interview with Circulor

What Battery Technology do you specialise in? We specialize in supply chain traceability. Circulor tracks the provenance, the production flow, and attributable Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of raw materials used in complex supply chains like electric vehicle (EV) batteries, solar panels, and construction materials. Please explain the benefits of your speciality: Unlike other traceability solutions,… Continue

Exhibitor Spotlight – Cellerate

What battery technology do you specialise in? We make automated tools for small-scale cell building and prototyping, giving researchers access to the high precision and repeatability of a commercial production line.   What are the benefits? The first product we have launched this year is an automated coin and pouch cell building machine that fits… Continue

Exhibitor Spotlight: Busch

What Battery Technology do you specialise in? Busch Vacuum Solutions offer a wide range of vacuum technologies perfectly suited for all vacuum related stages of battery production, from single vacuum pumps to full scale systems. Please explain the benefits of your speciality. In many cases Vacuum processes are a necessity for the production of battery… Continue

Exhibitor Spotlight – Magment

What are your roles at Magment? (ME) I am Mauricio Esguerra, Co-Founder and CEO of Magment based in Munich, Germany – (AF) and I am Alessandro Fossemo, the Chief Commercial Officer, I am responsible for the marketing and sales at Magment and I’ve been working for almost 15 years in the business of battery storage,… Continue

Exhibitor Spotlight – Tecman

What do you specialise in? Tecman Advanced Material Engineers specialise in the conversion of advanced adhesive tapes and specialist materials for bonding, thermal and acoustic management, and surface protection. What are the benefits of your technologies? By pulling advanced material technologies from multiple industries, our customers benefit from technological advances already developed through extensive research.… Continue