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Battery Cells & Systems Expo will bring together automotive manufacturers, electric utilities, battery system integrators, cell manufacturers and the entire manufacturing supply chain. A truly unique showcase, companies from around the world will use the show to launch products and demonstrate their technology to an audience of professionals.

Co-located with Vehicle Electrification Expo, The Advanced Materials Show, and The Advanced Ceramics Show, we will welcome 300+ exhibitors and 4,000+ visitors in July 2025.

One Event for Four Connected Industries

Battery Cells & Systems Expo, Vehicle Electrification Expo, The Advanced Materials Show and The Advanced Ceramics Show bring together four connected industries for two days of networking, lead generation and education at the NEC, Birmingham. A four-track, free conference featuring global experts covers the latest innovations and developments across these four exciting industries.

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The industry is facing new levels of challenges that it has never faced before, and bringing together multi-sector collaboration with academia, SMEs and OEMs is a really key part of solving these challenges.

Kevin Porter, Technical Director, Tecman Speciality Materials

It feels to me that we are all trying to achieve a common goal which is build a better future, but we are all approaching it from different perspectives or a different angle; so having these shows to bring different companies together is fantastic.

Michael Kwan Ho Lee, Subject Matter Expert, Jaguar Land Rover

Here in Great Britain, it's a very important show. The British automotive industry is needing to come together with all the players supporting the come-along of the automotive industry and therefore the show is great.

Christian Miesner, Vice President Battery and Cell-Testing, AVL

It's been busy busy busy, hustle hustle hustle, we've had a lot of big industry players in our stand. It's been fantastic, we are looking forward to next year already, and hopefully the relationships we've built now will have some longevity, and we can learn together and go forward.

Mark Swain, Senior Sales Engineer, Staubli

Having all of these four shows together really enables that conversation around innovation. That is what an event like this can really do: spark the conversations, make the connections in an industry where innovation is everything.

Maria Bengtsson, Partner, EY

It helps to have a focused area where persons involved in the next generation of EVs can come together and meet multiple sectors, material as well as part design, automation and validation, so I think it's really key to bring all those areas together.

Kevin Porter, Technical Director, Tecman Speciality Materials

What I have enjoyed the most about the show so far is the diverse perspectives, and so many experts and professionals coming from different industries - battery technology, new materials, battery engineers - it's just such an interesting opportunity to stay up to date with the latest trends.

Serena Xiao, Research Executive. Simpson Carpenter

It's been fantastic to see the younger generation come through and discussing and looking at our products. That to me is a very big benefit, especially for the future. We're just taking this journey for the battery and EV systems, and it's them there are really going to implement it and carry us through to the next level.

Mark Swain, Senior Sales Engineer, Staubli

What I can see today is a lot of multi-disciplinary industry experts and professionals coming together to discuss the pressing issues today about battery technology, about ew materials, and I see so many interesting talks about how they can share their knowledge and address the challenges together.

Serena Xiao, Research Executive. Simpson Carpenter

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