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Innovation Champion in Sustainability – Busch Vacuum Solutions

The renowned F.A.Z. Institute has published a study on sustainability for which around 10,300 companies were considered. Among the 32 mechanical and plant engineering companies evaluated as sustainable in the study, Busch Vacuum Solutions achieved 6th place. “Innovations are indispensable to enable sustainable business,” says the IMWF’s study, which has now been published by the… Continue

Excellent slurries and continuous coater supply

Flexible, efficient and sustainable, EIRICH MixSolvers® offer an effective solution in electrode mix processing for laboratories and gigafactories alike. Downstream, the ContiFeeder® process ensures continuous coater supply. Processing electrode mixes for lithium-ion batteries is one of the most complex elements in mixing technology. At present, this process of coating the electrodes usually involves slurries. The quality of the… Continue