Introducing the World’s first totally renewable lithium-ion battery

Award-winning clean technology company, Aceleron has launched the first reusable, repairable and fully recyclable lithium-ion battery of its kind. 

Using a unique compression technology method developed by Aceleron, each individual part of the battery can be accessed either to repair, replace or upgrade, giving it an endless lifespan which is much kinder to the planet and keeps long term costs down.

Providing uninterrupted, reliable power at several different voltages, the Essential  covers a range of high-spec, high-voltage applications from leisure vehicles to medical response vehicles and light electric vehicles. 

Aceleron’s Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder, Carlton Cummins said: ““Up until now, batteries have unfortunately been treated as a disposable consumer product, without much thought to what the disposal of these batteries looks like.  We are passionate about making sure that 100% of the materials in our batteries will continue to be used for as long as possible – preferably forever.

“The Essential is the same size as a group-31 battery, offering up to four times the cycle life and three times more continuous power than a lead-acid battery. It is easy to install in three different positions, is half the weight of a traditional battery and is ergonomically designed to be sleek and portable.”

As a drop-in replacement for the group-31 lead-acid battery, the Essential’s uniquely versatile design means it will fit into even the tightest of spaces. Once installed, it can provide the performance needed to power life-saving equipment like on-board defibrillators, and has surge current protection built in, to provide users and patients with an extra layer of safety.

The Essential’s robust, rubberised design makes it the ideal choice for light-mobility applications. Providing a drop-in replacement for the group-31 lead-acid battery, its uniquely versatile, light-weight design and soft-touch handle makes it easy to carry and swap out. The Essential is easy to integrate into your vehicle design. Once installed, it can provide the performance you need to get the most from your vehicle and is available in 12, 24 or 48 volts.

Installation in a leisure vehicle is easy thanks to the unique, lightweight design which allows it to be used in three different positions.  It is the most practical and portable battery out there, being more versatile than anything you will have used before. It provides reliable power at several different voltages – to cover a wider range of high-spec, high-voltage appliances.

A perfect choice for uninterruptible power supply systems operating at up to 48v, the Essential can be rapidly charged and discharged to 0.5C in just two hours to deliver over 2000 cycles. As well as the unique, lightweight and adaptable design, it can easily be connected in series or parallel, which guarantees a versatile, reliable and scalable power source. Each individual cell group can be monitored, so they can be checked and replaced easily if performance dips.

The Essential’s robust, rubberised, lightweight design makes it an ideal choice for a variety of uses.  It is the most practical and portable battery on the market, providing reliable power at several different voltages whilst also being the most sustainable battery available today.


Designed for the future

With the UK government’s commitment to reaching net zero by 2050, firms across all sectors will be expected to develop and implement carbon reduction plans as soon as this September, pushing sustainability even higher up the priority list.

Carlton adds; “As technology evolves, we have the ability to upgrade individual components without the need to discard the entire battery, staying true to our company ethos of promoting reuse and remanufacture over waste, contributing to the increasingly crucial circular economy. 

“The Essential’s infinite lifespan means that this powerful, high-performance battery is the most sustainable, low-waste lithium-ion battery in the world, something that we are extremely proud of.”

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About Aceleron

Aceleron is an award-winning clean technology company started when co-founders Amrit & Carlton dismantled and tested hundreds of battery packs and realised that batteries are not designed to be maintained. 

Anticipating a future with tonnes of unnecessary battery waste, they designed a battery pack which is built with sustainability in mind.  The world’s most sustainable lithium battery packs have a full circular economy approach, being reusable, upgradeable and recyclable. 

Aceleron’s motivation is to empower global communities by increasing access to energy storage solutions for customers around the world.