Guardtech Group feeling festive after racking up over 7,000sqm of construction crackers

Haverhill-based cleanroom design & build experts sleigh it at home and overseas after delivering a 2023 of great gifts for clients

THE GUARDTECH GROUP are basking in the glow of another fantastic year of cleanroom construction projects at home and abroad – racking up a record combined footprint of 7,085sqm across almost 30 different projects.

After opening the year by completing a string of major Medical Device projects in Mildenhall (300sqm ISO7), Cambridge (550sqm ISO8) and Keele (300sqm ISO7), the Haverhill firm flexed their design muscles with a neat 400sqm ISO8 build on a mezzanine for Research & Product Development, again in Cambridge.

These were just some of the highlights of a fantastic opening six months of 2023, which also included a 140sqm ISO8 Optical Manufacturing cleanroom in Kent, 100sqm ISO8 Magnetic Strip manufacturing project in Essex, 60sqm ISO8 Medical Device project in Lancashire and a 200sqm ISO7 Micro-electronics modular in Cambridgeshire.

For the third consecutive year, the Group have racked up more projects than ever before in their history.

What’s more, they also moved into a stunning new premises a stone’s throw from their previous Haverhill base.

“What a year it’s been,” says Commercial Director Mark Wheeler. “The growth we’ve experienced in every facet of the business has been remarkable – and that’s no more evident than the healthy streams of projects we’ve secured at home and overseas.”

Among those projects overseas, the Guardtech Group provided an ISO7 CleanCube Maxi Mobile Cleanroom for Research & Development work in Uppsala, Sweden, ISO7 Electronics Isopods for technology innovators in Denmark, a 60sqm ISO6 & 7 Electronics Testing modular in Dublin and a 130sqm ISO8 modular cleanroom for Electronics manufacturing specialists in Zurich.

That’s alongside a 300sqm ISO5, 6 & 7 modular cleanroom in Germany, which is due to be completed in the new year.

And of all the amazing projects listed so far, that doesn’t include the three biggest footprints – all currently in construction – an 850sqm ISO5 & 7 cleanroom laundry in Cheshire, a 1650sqm ISO8 Aerospace Manufacturing facility in the South of England and a 1500sqm CNC Battery Manufacturing controlled environment in Suffolk.

“2023 has been a fantastic year – and 2024 is set to be even better,” continues Wheeler. “From our turnkey Cleanroom Solutions projects to Guardtech Cleanrooms modulars, CleanCube containers to Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms, we’re providing solutions, solving problems and delivering high-performance platforms for leading lights in Life Sciences to achieve greatness all over the world.”

Isopod did indeed continue to establish itself as a go-to quick-assembly cleanroom option, with projects including a 12sqm bespoke ISO7 Injection Moulding Isopod in Gloucestershire, a 12sqm ISO7 Critical Systems Engineering Isopod in Manchester, two 3sqm ISO7 mobile airlock Softwall Isopods for medical moulding in Burton-on-Trent, a 20sqm bespoke ISO8 Isopod for Automotive Engineering in Morocco plus bespoke 20 & 10sqm CNC Isopods for Defence.

All of this alongside a 125sqm ISO5 & 8 modular in Devon for Research & Development, a 100sqm ISO7 & 8 Research & Development cleanroom in Surrey, another ISO5 & 7 Research & Development laboratory in Staffordshire for a previous client, a 20sqm ISO7 Defence modular in Essex, a 20sqm ISO7 Electronics modular in Cambridgeshire and a 30sqm Containment Level 3 (CL3) CleanCube Midi laboratory in Cambridgeshire.

Clearly then, the Guardtech Group have good reason to enjoy their Christmas break this year – but Wheeler insists they’ll be back at it when the new year arrives.

“We’ve already got some excellent projects lined up for next year in the UK and we’re excited to see the impact that our new focus on the Nordics and Baltics territories will have, so watch this space – it’s going to be really exciting.”

For more information on the Guardtech Group, visit, email or call 0330 113 0303.