Exhibitor Spotlight – Magment

What are your roles at Magment?

(ME) I am Mauricio Esguerra, Co-Founder and CEO of Magment based in Munich, Germany – (AF) and I am Alessandro Fossemo, the Chief Commercial Officer, I am responsible for the marketing and sales at Magment and I’ve been working for almost 15 years in the business of battery storage, taking care of the big battery manufacturers in our headquarters in the United States and Germany.

Please tell us a little bit more about Magment as an organisation and what you do in a nutshell?

We started the company 5 years ago, based on a patented material that is basically concrete with magnetic properties. We started as a materials company that has been moving into the space of wireless charging with a vertical integration of all the elements that are required to make this material, components and systems for this application. Our main goal is to integrate the systems into existing roads or existing floors, such that the wireless charging can be made with vehicles either standing or in motion.

What do you see as the biggest trends in the electrification sector, and where do you see the most interesting innovations happening?

There is a lot of innovation in non-automotive, to start with. Automotive innovation or electrification is pretty well known and it’s ongoing in a very normal way. But in the non-automotive sector, we see a lot of innovation coming from vehicles that are becoming more and more autonomous, and that are being used for very specific purposes. Let me mention two examples: one is in the industrial robotics space, and also in the delivery robotics, including drones. So, those are really innovative places where electrification is not just the only thing happening, but also the way that the vehicles are being used and controlled.

How do you see your technology impacting this, or specifically the charging sector? How are you different?

Well, we are different in three ways. One is that our technology is the most cost-effective, in the way that these kind of systems can be integrated or manufactured, and by being fully maintenance-free. All of these things play a role in the cost. On the other hand, performance-wise we have a very robust, very highly efficient transmitting system. These two factors make this ideal for all the applications I mentioned before. The third point is important, in the sense that we are now supporting the upcoming international standards for wireless charging. So that means that a high degree of interpretability when possible with our systems.

Is this the sort of thing that visitors to Battery Cells & Systems Expo and Vehicle Electrification Expo can expect to find out more about when they visit your stand?

We would like to display one of the most important features, which is the fully automated way that charging takes place. To the extent, that this supports autonomous vehicles because this is what we believe is giving us a lot of additional momentum. It is not just the fact that you somehow charge, but that you charge in a way that is convenient, reliable, and safe. We look forward to welcoming people at our booth that are coming from spaces where are they are looking for powering solutions for battery electrified vehicles that are convenient, and that are going into the direction of full autonomy. Full autonomy meaning not only autonomy of motion but autonomy of charging.

Who are you most excited about meeting at the show in December?

Looking at the agenda and the speakers, they are very solid, so we thought that we have to be there in December. It will be a great opportunity to talk with many people we have already been talking to and working on projects with. Also, to enlighten other people, that we exist, because one of the typical comments we get is: “I didn’t know you could already do that, so we are glad that we met you.” Mainly, our hardest task sometimes is to tell people “Have a look at what we can do – we already do this!”