Weiss Technik Optimises Test Performance

Best-seller from Weiss Technik- Perform a lot of tests without a lot of space. The rapid growth of electromobility is also driving  the demand for batteries and components. More production means more tests. But this also takes up more space and energy. This is where the tried and tested LabEvent test chamber from Weiss Technik comes in. On a footprint of only 1 × 1 m, the compact laboratory performs temperature tests for batteries and electronic components. The device is also extremely flexible and economical.


A lean solution

This is how to meet the increasing demand for reliable products. With the LabEvent T/500/30/3, temperature tests for batteries and electrical components can be carried out in the smallest of spaces. It offers a volume of 500 l with small external dimensions of 1 m in width and depth and 2 m in height. Installation is both simple and flexible – the unit can be operated from any 230 V socket with economical power consumption. The operation is also convenient: the user places the test material in baskets distributed on several levels; these can be completely extended by means of rails.


The test chamber is suitable for temperature tests from −30°C to to 100°C. The rate of temperature change is 3°C per second. The test chamber heats or cools the test space evenly using an environmentally friendly and thus future-proof refrigerant.


Variable and standard-compliant

The test device adapts to the respective customer requirements; for example, for a minimum temperature as low as −40°C or extended climate tests. Higher safety equipment for battery tests can also be integrated in stages – up to Hazard Level 4 on the scale of the European-defined hazard classes. Depending on the configuration, the test chamber protects against reversible functional losses (Level 1) as well as leaking battery fluid (Level 4).


The LabEvent masters the temperature tests for stress tests in the battery environment in compliance with the standards. This includes the requirement according to UN 38.3, which ensures that the lithium batteries and cells do not pose a danger during transport. For this purpose, the batteries undergo numerous test cycles. The chamber also meets the ESA 100 standard; it is thus suitable for the validation of market readiness by battery engineers and manufacturers. It also meets the specification according to DIN EN 60068-2-14, which involves testing rapid changes in ambient temperature, a standard task for the system.


Among its many advantages, the compact test device can also be integrated into existing test stand systems via an interface. For Weiss Technik, the LabEvent is a success story. The 50th test chamber was recently delivered to a test laboratory in Aachen – painted in the brand colour of the institute to mark the anniversary.