Weiss Technik: Use of Extinguishing Systems for Battery Tests in Environmental Simulation With High Pressure Against Fire Hazards

Weiss Technik offers environmental simulation systems for lithium-ion batteries. The test rigs are designed for the use of fire detection and suppression measures. Thanks to their high pressure amplification, they are perfectly suited for the efficient extinguishing method using high-pressure water mist.



Due to the fact that fires can occur that are difficult to extinguish, the environmental simulation of lithium-ion batteries requires special technical solutions. Fires can result in the test space overheating and highly toxic vapours and fumes escaping. To prevent this, Weiss Technik test rigs provide users with measures for the detection and suppression of emerging fires.


The high-pressure water mist extinguishing method is considered to be an effective fire suppression measure for lithium-ion batteries. Weiss Technik offers this in its environmental simulation test rigs in cooperation with a system partner. This extinguishing method allows even large batteries to be cooled with very little water.


The water mist sprayed in at high pressure expands three-dimensionally within the test chamber and provides powerful cooling. This delays the propagation of a thermal event in the battery cells. The heat binding capacity of one kilo of water injected at a pressure of 100 bar is about 2,700 kJ per kg.


Weiss Technik’s innovative safety technology means that the environmental test rigs are well equipped: The test space is reinforced with pressure, and the robust construction and insulation also protect against thermal failure when heat is applied. Pressure relief flaps and a rupture disc allow the controlled discharge of gases. The openings for media are protected by silicone plugs, covers and an additional plug protection. Last but not least, a closed siphon prevents gases from escaping into the sewer system at high pressure.


In addition to the high-pressure water mist method, Weiss Technik’s environmental simulation systems are also capable of other common fire detection and suppression measures. The available systems can be combined with each other.


Fire detection

  • Battery management system
  • Camera surveillance
  • Gas detection
  • Temperature sensors


Fire suppression

  • High-pressure water mist extinguishing system
  • Inertisation with nitrogen
  • Spraying the surfaces


Advantages of Weiss Technik test chambers

  • Pressure amplification
  • Pressure relief flap and/or rupture disc
  • Plug safety device
  • Closed siphon