Plasmatreat Academy: A Dialog between Industry and Science

As the innovation leader in plasma-based surface treatment Plasmatreat has been sharing its know-how with the industry for 25 years.  The newly founded “Plasmatreat Academy” now combines a wide array of educational programs under one roof and with one common goal: facilitating an in-depth dialog with customers, suppliers, science and research.

While the use of plasma for surface treatment is still relatively new, the industry’s need for information and know-how is accelerating. Plasmatreat, the global market leader for atmospheric plasma technology, has been organizing seminars, training programs and workshops about plasma and its applications for years. The new “Plasmatreat Academy” combines all existing programs under one umbrella and expands its portfolio with specific lectures, conferences and industry events.   

Collaborative information exchange creates the foundation for innovation

„The in-depth dialog between industry and science is part of Plasmatreat’s corporate philosophy. We can only develop new innovation that meets our client’s needs, if we truly understand their manufacturing processes and when our customers have a better understanding what possibilities plasma technology can offer”, explains Erhard Krampe, Head of Academy. He adds “the Academy intends to build bridges between research and industry specific applications.”   

Comprehensive range of basic and advanced content

The Academy offers a wide range of programs ranging from basic education about plasma technology to application specific courses and high-level seminars with world-renowned guest speakers. In addition to programs that appeal to a broader audience from various fields, there are also smaller events that are custom-tailored to the requirements of a specific client. The content targets product design & development engineers as much as manufacturing and commercial functions. A special focus is on the user of the plasma systems. Plasmatreat’s prime objective is to make their work as easy as possible.

The Plasmatreat Academy brings theory and practice together and promotes the exchange between science & research, users and Plasmatreat employees
Image: Plasmatreat

The Plasmatreat Academy delivers plasma to the world

The Plasmatreat Academy was launched exclusively online earlier this year due to the global pandemic. “We had to act fast and flexible to an ever-changing situation as in person attendance was unfortunately not possible. Nevertheless, we were able to bring our content and know-how closer to our customers, based on their needs.”, says Erhard Krampe. The plan succeeded: Up to 250 people participate in each seminar series over the past couple of months. The online offerings are therefore going to be expanded. Planned webinars in the near future include topics such as atmospheric plasma applications in the printing and automotive industries, as well as material-focused workshops about plasma treatment of plastics, metals and glass. But the Plasmatreat Academy is not going to remain exclusively digital. As soon as in-person meetings and events are once again possible in a safe environment, the Academy is flexible in terms of location and delivery – inside the Technology Center at the company’s headquarters in Steinhagen, at any of their global office locations, at their customer’s sites or in hotels.

About Plasmatreat

Plasmatreat is the worldwide market leader in Atmospheric plasma applications for cleaning and activation of all kind of surfaces. You can find the Openair-Plasma® applications in automated production lines in almost any type of industry. Plasmatreat has production centers in Germany (headquarter), USA, Canada and China and has more than 30 subsidiaries and partners around the world.

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