New Hiden Electrochemistry Applications Catalogue.

The new brochure from Hiden Analytical details some examples of the wide range of electrochemistry applications that Hiden Analytical products are being used for, which is allowing the research and development of more efficient and improved power storage.

Hiden Gas Analysis systems consist of a precision manufactured quadrupole mass spectrometer, a highly sensitive and stable instrument, integrated with a vacuum system to provide a complete solution ready for electrochemical gas analysis.

This mass spectrometer system is an essential tool for electrochemical research as it provides real time analysis for rapid identification of products generated in electrochemical reactions. Differential electrochemical mass spectrometry (DEMS) is a technique which improves upon this analysis method and now offers quantitative insights into cell chemistry. A key aspect is to allow the gases to be analysed, without the bulk liquid electrolyte from entering into the vacuum system. This is achieved by membrane technology.

Research and development on electrochemistry applications has far reaching impact, leading to improvements in batteries in terms of power storage, power density and charge hysteresis. Fuel cells are also allowing more efficient transport with reduced environmental impact. Another technique being investigated is carbon dioxide reduction, enabling carbon to be sequestered from the atmosphere to combat global warming and climate change.

Hiden’s SIMS systems can also be used for materials characterisation. This technique uses an ion beam to investigate elemental and molecular composition across surfaces and through thickness analysis. Batteries, fuel cells and other structured components can thereby be characterised and the effects of electrochemistry be observed on the material microstructure.

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