Danilo Di Salvo

As the CEO at High Temperature Material Systems (HTMS), I lead an amazing team dedicated to the advancement of high-temperature composites. Our mission is to revolutionise industries through the application of cutting-edge ceramic composite systems.

My entrepreneurial endeavours extend to co-founding ConsultingSim, where we developed a state-of-the-art immersive consulting project simulator designed to cultivate interpersonal and consulting skills. In the capacity of Co-Founder at gvino UK, I played a pivotal role in importing and distributing the finest Georgian wines in the UK, earning distinction as the ‘Georgian Wine Importer of the Year.’

My academic background includes reading for an MBA from Warwick Business School, where I focused on disruptive innovation and strategic partnerships within the aviation industry. Complementing this, I hold an Engineering Doctorate in Aerospace Materials from Swansea University, with a primary emphasis on Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC). My interest in ceramic composites led me to my role as a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, where I oversaw a substantial $1M CMC development programme.

With my professional background, including roles at Rolls-Royce plc and Ricardo Strategic Consulting, I bring a wealth of expertise in advanced materials, entrepreneurship, and innovation, positioning HTMS for credible and impactful growth.