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As a manufacturer of industrial furnaces Nabertherm offers a very wide range of standard furnaces. Professional engineering in combination with in-house manufacturing provide for individual project planning and construction of standard furnaces to tailor-made thermal process systems with material handling and charging systems. Even complete thermal processes are realized by customized system solutions.

In the field of Advanced Materials, powder metallurgy, technical ceramics, and 3D printing, Nabertherm offers a wide range of standard products and customized solutions. Especially for the microelectronic industry, the Nabertherm furnace program includes solutions tailored to customers’ needs for batch and continuous processes. The HF 450/10 LB DB200 has been specially developed for debinding and sintering LTCC multilayer ceramics (Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics) in batches. The insulation of the furnace hood with high-quality fiber materials enables fast process cycles. Multi-zone heating (sides bottom, sides middle and sides top) ensures precise temperature control and optimum temperature uniformity in the useful chamber. During debinding, a fan feeds fresh air into the furnace chamber, which is preheated by air heater and evenly distributed in the via perforated air inlet tubes. This results in very good heat transfer and improved temperature uniformity, especially during the debinding process. A passive safety system ensures that the exhaust gases are safely discharged from the furnace chamber during debinding by means of an exhaust gas fan. An independently adjustable gas inlet with gassing system for clean and dry air allows the atmosphere to be adjusted during the sintering process above 600 °C. All process parameters, including temperature ramps and dwell times, are programmable for precise and flexible heat treatment.

The furnaces of the DF model series are designed for continuous processes in air and are therefore suitable for thick-film applications and LTCC firing processes. The product (usually charged on a carrier plate) is moved through the furnace on a metallic belt, loading and unloading takes place via a 500 mm long inlet and outlet zone. The temperature curve for the process can be adapted to the product requirements by means of multiple control zones and the belt speed (adjustable at approx. 20- 300 mm/min). The maximum working temperature (peak temperature) can be up to 1050 °C. In this range, the temperature uniformity is a decisive factor for the firing result, which is specified over the conveyor belt width with +/- 2 K in the empty furnace at peak temperature. For burning off the binders contained in the pastes, gassing with purified dry air (CDA) takes place in the first zone of the furnace (burn-off zone) to prevent the formation of an explosive atmosphere. The gassing is carried out in opposite direction to the belt movement to allow the exhaust gases to be optimally ducted out of the furnace. The subsequent sintering zone is followed by the cooling zone, which uses indirect water cooling to cool the charge before unloading. The furnaces are designed to meet the high demands of the electronics industry and modern production. Controls, visualization and documentation via the Nabertherm Control Center (specially designed for continuous processes) as well as the switchgear are completely integrated into the furnace housing, so that no additional components have to be installed.

Continuous furnace for the microelectronic industry with integrated user interface and switchgear

Innovative Nabertherm control technology provides for precise control as well as full documentation and remote monitoring of your processes. Nabertherm applies state-of-the-art technology to improve the temperature uniformity, energy efficiency, reliability and durability of their systems with the goal of enhancing your competitive edge.

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