“Know Before Fabricate”: Revolutionise Your Cell Development With Electroder’s Cutting-Edge Software & Service

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric mobility and energy storage, a growing and pressing global demand has emerged for high-performance, reduced-cost and long-life batteries. Nevertheless, the challenges associated with lithium-ion battery cell design are multifaceted, ranging from the complexity of mechanism design and chemistry, to cost considerations and sustainablity initiatives. Addessing these challenges becomes crucial for unlocking the full potential of lithium-ion batteries across various applications.

Electroder, awarded as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2023, has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation, driven by a commitment to delivering exceptional value to its clients. To avoid the bottlenecks of traditional trial-and-error design approaches that are often time- and energy consuming, Electroder develops proprietary state-of-art software and engineering services for battery cell R&D, catering to the needs of cell manufacturers, OEMs, and energy storage companies, achieving results in 60% less time and at half the cost for the development of high performance, manufacturing-friendly, and sustainable battery cells.

Dr. Susan Chen and Luke Hu, co-founders of Electroder, at 2024 Davos Forum

Electroder’s suite of software solutions is strategically designed to empower researchers and engineers to build and validate cell design concepts. The portfolio is composed of four main modules which can be subscribed separately or combined: ElectroderMOD, ElectroderLIFE, ElectroderSIM and ElectroderBDA.

ElectroderMOD is a quick design module to evaluate cell capacities, dimensions and BOMs (Bill-of-Material) for all formats of batteries, including prismatic, pouch, cylindrical and more. Equipped with a constantly updated built-in material library and easy-to-use mechanical parts library, it enables engineers and researchers to accurately create and optimize battery design.

ElectroderLIFE is a comprehensive tool which can predict life cycles and ageing behaviors of cells at default or customized working conditions. Moreover, it can help identify root causes of ageing, supporting design optimization for up to 10,000 cycles.

ElectroderSIM is a powerful simulation driven design software with cutting-edge heterogeneous electrochemistry and thermal model at world-class accuracy.

ElectroderBDA (Battery Design Automation) is a new tool to empower battery design with artificial intelligence, which can level up design process to the next level.

In essence, Electroder’s software toolchain is developed to provide an end-to-end solution for relevant stakeholders to reduce iterations, enhance competitiveness and ensure timely delivery of uncompromised results.

Electroder’s commitment to clients extends beyond the realm of transformative software solutions. With a global reach, the company empower clients all over the world where battery cells are being developed and manufactured. A testament to this commitment is seen in Electroder’s specialized team currently involved in many cell development projects for battery manufacturers, automotive OEMs and energy storage clients. In addition to offering independent engineering solutions spanning from concept-level consultancy to turnkey design, Electroder is actively engaging in research projects in collaboration with academia to explore emerging technologies such as solid-state and sodium-ion.

Driven by an unwavering dedication to the principles of design for manufacturability, performance, and sustainability, Electroder’s mission echoes through each of its endeavors and is committed to support its global customers to meet the demands of the present and future electrification market.


About Electroder

Electroder provides an advanced toolchain and solutions for the research and development of lithium-ion, solid-state and sodium-ion cells to the global market. The company is committed to empowering battery design through numerical simulation and artificial intelligence technologies. In 2023, Electroder is named one of the world’s 100 most promising Technology Pioneers by World Economic Forum, for its innovative battery technologies. Electroder is operating globally with offices in Suzhou, Beijing in China and Düsseldorf in Germany.


Further Information

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