Exhibitor Spotlight – Cellerate

What battery technology do you specialise in?

We make automated tools for small-scale cell building and prototyping, giving researchers access to the high precision and repeatability of a commercial production line.


What are the benefits?

The first product we have launched this year is an automated coin and pouch cell building machine that fits through the large antechamber of a standard glove box, and aligns cell components with unprecedented precision. This enables our industrial and academic customers to reliably build test cells whilst increasing lab throughput with our autoloader, which builds 100 cells in one operation.

We are also developing a production line for batches of large, aerospace grade custom cells. This gives our customers the ability to rapidly protoype new designs, and decrease their products’ time to market.


What is the most important trend in battery technology? How are you contributing to this?

Recent years have seen excellent progress in the development of rapid, reliable battery testing techniques. Our technologies meet this with reliable, high throughput cell production, to standardise testing throughout the entire battery value chain, accelerating technology transfer between institutes and industry, and enabling reliable offline production quality control for gigafactories.


What will you be showcasing at The Battery Cells & Systems Expo?

We will be bringing one of our cell assemblers to the expo, so you can try it out for yourself! And we’ll also have some examples of the custom-shape pouch cells achievable with our new production line.


Who are you hoping to meet at The Battery Cells & Systems Expo?

We want to meet senior battery scientists and leading academics who are eager to use automation to build better batteries for their research and production quality control.