Exhibitor Spotlight- Analytik

In the final week before the upcoming Battery Cells and Systems Expo, we were delighted to have the opportunity to cast an exhibitor spotlight on one of our incredible exhibitors, Analytik. Read on to find out more about their latest technological specialties, and what show attendees can expect to see from them!

What Battery Technology do you specialise in?

Analytik is the exclusive provider of LCTR® (Laminar Continuous Flow Reactor) technology for battery material development and production in the UK and Ireland. Developed by South Korean based Laminar Co., LCTR® technology is trusted by leading global organisations and offers unique benefits for battery development and production, including scalability from lab-scale research to high output commercial production.

Please explain the benefits of your speciality.

Benefits of LCTR® technology for battery material development and production include:

  • Reduced Reaction Times: LCTR® technology significantly decreases reaction times compared to conventional continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTRs). This reduction in reaction time leads to increased yield, allowing for more efficient production processes.
  • Particle Morphology: LCTR® technology enables the production of spherical secondary particles composed of densely stacked primaries. This results in high tap densities, which can be beneficial for battery materials, as it may enhance their performance and stability.
  • Precise Particle Size Control: With LCTR® technology, the particle size can be controlled and tuned by adjusting the agitator rotation speed. This flexibility allows for the production of battery materials with specific particle sizes, such as NMC particles as small as 3-5 microns. This controlled particle size can be important for optimizing the electrochemical performance of the battery materials.
  • Faster production time
  • Scalable Process: LCTR® technology offers scalability from lab-scale research to high output commercial production. It can be implemented in various reactor sizes, ranging from laboratory reactors to large-scale production reactors. This scalability allows for seamless transitions during the development and production stages, ensuring consistent results.
  • Core/shell production capability
  • Fast Optimization: LCTR® technology allows for fast optimization of the production process. Parameters used in small reactors can be directly transferred to larger reactors, ensuring the same product quality. This expedites the optimization process and facilitates efficient scaling-up of production.

These benefits collectively contribute to the efficiency, flexibility, and control offered by LCTR® technology for battery material development and production.


Are there any exciting developments that is happening within the industry or your company that you can share with us?

Single reactors can produce up to 1000 kg per day. The production from Laminar reactors is over 800,000 kg globally per annum, with systems operational in the top four world economies (by GDP). The reactors are used by three of the top ten battery manufacturers providing a well-established track record.


If attendees should know one thing about your company, what would it be?

We are introducing novel technology for the continuous production of Cathode Active Materials and other battery materials. This means local support for Laminar users. Laminar and Analytik work closely with customers to optimise their performance.


What will you be showcasing on your stand at Battery Cells & Systems Expo?

At the Battery Cells & Systems Expo, we will be showcasing how the system achieves the required performance.  The Taylor Reactors are state-of-the-art technology and produce high-purity, uniform battery substances using Taylor Fluid Flow. It will provide attendees with a closer look at the functionality of the LCTR® technology. We are excited to showcase how the LCTR® – TERA 1L can contribute to advancements in the field of battery research and development.


What are you most looking forward to at Battery Cells & Systems Expo?

We are also excited about the opportunity to meet and connect with industry experts, researchers, and other professionals to exchange knowledge, share insights, and explore potential collaborations. It is an event that fosters learning, networking, and inspiration, and we can’t wait to be a part of it.

Additionally, we are eager to showcase our instrument at the Battery Cells & Systems Expo and provide attendees with further information on Laminar instruments and capabilities. Our goal is to demonstrate how our instruments, specifically the LCTR® technology, can revolutionize battery material development and production processes. We look forward to engaging with attendees, discussing their specific requirements, and highlighting how Laminar instruments can address their unique needs. This expo presents an ideal platform for us to showcase our expertise and engage in meaningful conversations with industry professionals.