Direction and Strength of Electric Currents in Battery Systems and Contacts By Dr. Dominik Lausch

The demands on battery systems and their electrical contacts have become extremely high and complex due to their use in electrified vehicles. Even the smallest error can lead to a failure of the vehicle or even to a fire that cannot be extinguished. Therefore, it is extremely important to better understand the faults of battery systems and even to localise them in the first step. Understanding the distribution of the electrical currents is crucial here. Measuring these with high accuracy and spatial resolution would provide an ideal approach to complex issues such as performance, state-of-health, longevity and related defects.

Electric current in a pouch cell during charging and DENKweit B-LAB

This is now possible! With DENKweit B-LAB, the direction and strength of electric currents can be measured contact-free and over a wide area. Depending on the distance, currents from 4 mA can be measured. Every electrically flowing current generates a magnetic vector field which carries the information about the direction and strength of the electrical defects. We measure these fields with high resolution and in real time and then infer the direction and strength of the generating electrical currents. Take the chance and find out about our unique technology now!

About DENKweit

Founded in 2018, DENKweit is a young company from Germany, located in Halle (Saale), and a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. DENKweit combines innovative sensor technology with modern machine-learning algorithms for data evaluation. In this way, DENKweit creates unique solutions for complex problems of its customers with a strong focus on clear answers and simple applicability.

Our UK and Ireland distributor

Our distributor in the UK and Ireland is Mi-Net Technology Ltd. Visit them on stand 17-221 at The Advanced Materials Show to learn more.