Keynote: Why Reducing Embedded Carbon is Crucial to the Success of EVs

Evaluating the environmental impact of the EV industry reveals a critical challenge: the significant waste and embedded carbon in battery and EV production. This issue tarnishes the image of EVs as sustainable alternatives and hampers progress toward Net Zero goals. Although the industry has initiated positive changes, there is an urgent need to rapidly transition to an innovative circular economy. This shift would involve adopting greener energy solutions for manufacturing and embracing a design philosophy centred on the repairability, reusability, and upgradability of batteries and EV components. Such a strategy not only reduces waste but also enhances sustainability. The key lies in developing a business model that supports this approach while remaining profitable.

This exciting keynote talk from Maria Bengtsson at EY delves into initiatives and innovations aimed at reducing the embedded carbon in EV manufacturing. It will cover how to tackle sustainable material sourcing, production processes, and life cycle assessments.

Questions to be addressed: 

  • What are the current strategies for minimising embedded carbon in EV production? 
  • How do lifecycle assessments influence manufacturing decisions for environmental sustainability?
  • What challenges does the industry face in aligning environmental goals with manufacturing efficiency?