What Does It Take to Scale an Advanced Materials Business in the Current Market, Regulatory and Investment Climate?

In this session, industry leaders will delve into the nuanced aspects of scaling an advanced materials business. Discussions will focus on key criteria such as market readiness assessment, aligning product development with regulatory standards, and securing venture capital and strategic partnerships. Our speaker panel will offer insights into navigating the competitive landscape, intellectual property management, and meeting the demand-supply balance in different markets.

Questions for discussion:

  • How should advanced materials companies assess market readiness for new products? 
  • What strategies are crucial for aligning product development with evolving regulatory standards in international markets? 
  • How can businesses in the advanced materials sector effectively attract venture capital and form strategic partnerships for scaling?

Confirmed Talks:

Graphene@Manchester​ Presentation: 

  • James Baker, CEO, Graphene@Manchester (a)