More Collaboration, More Agility: How Joining Forces Could Transform EV and Battery Design and Manufacturing

The global automotive industry is in a race to electrification at breakneck speed and the UK and Europe are not currently in the lead. Could collaboration change this, causing a step-change leap in efficiency at the top level whilst simultaneously accessing competitively priced components and materials for smaller businesses? What does the model look like and does it include things like consortium buying, joint ventures for bulk purchasing, and shared supply chain networks?

This thought-provoking discussion will outline how cooperative approaches at the very top could transform a historically secretive and siloed incumbent OEM landscape into something more agile and efficient., Also, at the other end of the chain, more collaboration can level the playing field for smaller players, thereby boosting their growth and competitiveness in the market, and shared facilities for research at all levels can drive innovation and scalability in the UK and European battery manufacturing sector.

Questions for discussion:

  • How could and should collaboration work in a competitive industry?
  • What models of shared research facilities could benefit the UK battery industry?
  • Can collaboration help to enable scale through greater spending power?