Developing Exciting Materials Solutions and Systems for Advanced Batteries

This session explores the latest advancements in materials science that are driving the next wave of battery technology. It will cover innovations that are enhancing energy density, safety, and longevity. The focus will be on how these material breakthroughs are addressing current limitations and opening new horizons for energy storage applications.

Questions for discussion: 

What breakthroughs in electrode materials are crucial for the next generation of high-energy-density batteries?

What challenges must be overcome to integrate these advanced materials into commercial battery production?

Confirmed talks:

Is Your Battery Safe? A Case Study Into Analytical Testing Methods for Insights Into Battery Safety

  • Dr. Tim Mann, Senior Product Specialist, Perkin Elmer


Automated Formulation for Accelerated Prototyping of Battery Materials

  • Dr. Robert Mitchell, Principal Scientist, CPI 


The Crucial Role Of Advanced Carbon Additives For Improved Battery Performance – Dispelling The Myths And Addressing The Supply Chain

  • Steve Catchpole, Business Development Manager, Levidian