Breakthrough Materials for a Green Energy Transition

Enhancing the efficiency and durability of solar panels, improving the performance of wind turbine blades, and enabling higher energy density in batteries are just a few of the critical impacts that materials can provide for renewable energy technologies. Our pioneering speakers will highlight breakthroughs in materials that support the transition to green energy through the integration of renewable sources and energy conversion technologies whilst discussing the remaining hurdles and milestones that lie in the way towards a full green energy transition.

Questions for discussion:

  • How will advanced materials impact the green energy transition and are there obvious needs for innovation?
  • How are new materials improving the performance and lifespan of wind turbine and alternative energy components?
  • What are the challenges and potential solutions in developing materials for higher-density energy storage and efficient grid integration?

Confirmed talks:

Driving Electrification by Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing

  • Dr. Bram Neirinck, Manager Sintered Applications, Aerosint 


Shaping the Future with Plastics and Advanced Polymeric Materials for Green Energy

  • Sergio Navarro, Construction and Renewable Energies Group Leader. Aimplas 


Revolutionising Energy Storage: Harnessing Graphene and 2D Technologies for Enhanced Performance

  • Dr. Nicky Savjani, Applications Manager, Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre, University of Manchester 

Talk title TBC

  • Dr. Mandar Thakare, Associate Director bp-ICAM; Innovation & Engineering | bp