The UK’s Leading Battery Conference in 2022


What to expect in 2022?


The programme for the combined conference at the Battery Cells & Systems Expo and Vehicle Electrification Expo is close to completion and we will shortly be sharing every detail of the much anticipated agenda for this rapidly growing industry event. You can expect a multi-track, multi-day conference featuring diverse session formats, led by the very best technicians and strategists in the local and international battery sectors.



 Critical questions and topics for discussion


  • Will the UK Compete on the International Battery Manufacturing Stage?
  • How have the Pandemic and COP26 Shaped EV Demand?
  • Can Car Makers Develop EVs for Both Customer Trends AND Carbon Targets?
  • Prospects for Li-ion, Solid State and Beyond
  • Overcoming the Challenges in Transitioning Heavy Duty Vehicles to Electric Propulsion
  • Developing the Skills, Investment and Technology Needed for a Competitive EV Industry
  • Improving the Performance and Efficiency of an EV with Power Electronics
  • Using Thermal Management to Push the Limits of Faster Charging Batteries
  • Advancing Powertrain Innovation: Turnkey Solutions or Purpose Built Architecture?
  • Taking a Holistic Approach to the Changing Requirements for Battery Pack and Module Design


Speaker highlights

We have more than 100+ speakers confirmed for these events and are delighted to introduce the first of them here. Our speakers and advisory board have been instrumental in guiding the event content over the past 2 years.