Bringing zero touch measurement to UK & Irish manufacturers

Industrial metrology supplier The Sempre Group has partnered with advanced metrology solutions provider DWFritz® Automation. As part of the partnership, The Sempre Group now supplies DWFritz ZeroTouch®, a range of high-speed, automated non-contact measurement systems. The product complements The Sempre Group’s extensive range of metrology equipment and software, adding another automated option for UK & Irish manufacturers, in industries including aerospace, automotive and medical.

Traditional metrology processes are complex, multi-step and use several instruments. Moving between these steps requires part handling, introducing the risk of human error and increasing the uncertainty surrounding measurement accuracy and precision.

To provide a more holistic approach to metrology, DWFritz launched a line of non-contact systems — the ZTM-333 to measure complex geometries and the ZTG-2580 for full gear inspection. The systems use multiple non-contact sensors to simultaneously capture 3D dimensional data in minutes — providing data up to four times faster than a traditional coordinate measuring machine (CMM). ZeroTouch offers micron-level precision with high repeatability, providing quick and reliable measurements. Suitable even for intricate components with complex geometries, the ZTM-333 will particularly benefit high precision industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical.

Engineers can gather real-time data in compatible statistical process control (SPC) software for part analysis. The ability to compare point cloud scans with nominal CAD models and GD&T controls offers engineers full traceability of part measurements during the entire product lifecycle. Engineers can also integrate ZeroTouch and software with their manufacturing systems to store and obtain part inspection plans and measurement data to preserve data integrity.

“We want to offer the latest developments in metrology systems to help UK & Irish manufacturers compete on a global scale,” explained Steve Herbert, director of The Sempre Group. “ZeroTouch enables 100 per cent part inspection in one easy-to-use instrument, eliminating the risk of human error caused by part handling, improving accuracy and precision and decreasing overall inspection time. 

“Working with DW Fritz allows us to provide manufacturers with a flexible range unlike anything else on the market, but the partnership is about more than filling a gap in our portfolio,” added Herbert. “By working with an industry leader in high-volume precision automation, we can develop new automated metrology solutions that give manufacturers full visibility over their processes, collect valuable data and, ultimately, improve productivity.”

The range of ZeroTouch platforms are available across the UK and Ireland. To find out more about the equipment and services from The Sempre Group, visit

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