Thermal Hazard Technology is the leading supplier of calorimeters and testing services for lithium battery safety / performance.

Thermal Hazard Technology (THT) is the leading supplier of calorimeters and testing services for lithium battery safety / performance. With increasing energy density, safety of Li-ion batteries is becoming increasingly important. Calorimetry is used to obtain quantitative data on the thermal behaviour of batteries. THT’s Accelerating Rate Calorimeter provides an adiabatic testing environment with tests … Continued

Temperature Control Under Pressure Enables Realistic Test Scenarios

LAUDA expands its successful range of integral process thermostats with a pressure-blanketed variant LAUDA Integral P: Using pressure to achieve the perfect temperature The two device types, Integral IN 2050 PW and IN 2560 PW, function according to the pressure blanketing principle. The devices, which are equipped with a stainless steel pressure vessel, significantly expand … Continued

Characterizing Li-ion Separators – Pore Structure Determination

The AutoPore V uses mercury porosimetry that can be used for characterization of Li-ion battery separators and electrodes. This uniquely valuable technique delivers speed, accuracy, and characterization of properties critical to safety, energy density, and longer cycle life. This application note will describe a test methodology using the AutoPore V, and its MicroActive software, to … Continued

Freeman Technology News: Battery manufacturers discover the power of powder testing

Freeman Technology highlights the latest sector to invest heavily in powder testing technology, as sales soar. Freeman Technology, a Micromeritics company and the global leaders in powder characterisation technology, has revealed new insight into which sectors are investing most heavily in powder testing, and by extension working particularly intensively on powder-related innovation. Rapid sales growth … Continued

UK-Based Consortium Established to Develop Prototype Solid-State Batteries

HARWELL, UK (19 August 2021) A consortium of seven UK-based organisations has signed a memorandum of understanding to combine ambitions to develop world-leading prototype solid-state battery technology, targeting automotive applications. Solid-state batteries offer significant potential advantages over conventional lithium-ion batteries and could be transformational in meeting the UK’s net zero commitments through the electrification of … Continued

Commercial UK Battery Modelling Capability To Speed Up Battery Development In UK

About:Energy spun out from Imperial College London and University of Birmingham and awarded Entrepreneurial Fellowship HARWELL, UK (11 January 2022) About:Energy, a joint spin out from Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham has been set up to help commercialise the battery modelling capability developed by the Faraday Institution’s Multi-scale Modelling Project. The company … Continued

EIRICH: Excellent slurries and continuous coater supply

Flexible, efficient and sustainable, EIRICH MixSolvers® offer an effective solution in electrode mix processing for laboratories and gigafactories alike. Downstream, the ContiFeeder® process ensures continuous coater supply. Processing electrode mixes for lithium-ion batteries is one of the most complex elements in mixing technology. At present, this process of coating the electrodes usually involves slurries. The quality of the … Continued

Leybold UK are voted Employer of the year 2021

Leybold UK, have won the Employer of the Year Award 2021 of the Composites UK Trade Association. The annual award celebrates the achievements of the UK composites industry, in categories covering company efforts and successes on an individual level. With the Employer of the Year Award, the industry association honours companies that invest specifically in … Continued