AkkuGrain: Dolav’s legal and safe solution for Lithium-Ion-Battery handling

AkkuGrain, Dolav’s solution for the legal and safe handling and storage of Lithium-Ion Batteries. This is becoming more and more prominent within the battery recycling market as Lithium-Ion batteries become a major force within the industry.Dolav is now supplying UN certified HDPE Dolav pallet boxes for CAT I and CAT II Lithium-Ion Batteries with our new AkkuGrain solution to store and transport batteries in a safe way.Over and above that, we can offer custom made Dolav pallet boxes for CAT III critically damaged batteries that have thermal runaway, once again in a legal and safe manner which is generating significant interest.AkkuGrain has been certified, tested and is a patterned solution. We have carried out several burn tests in conjunction with our Dolav pallet boxes. AkkuGrain is now supplied in Germany, where it was initially developed, and are now starting to supply throughout mainland Europe, America and The UK.

AkkuGrain not only absorbs the heat generated from Lithium-Ion batteries but also has the ability to filter all of the toxic gases emitted. Vermiculite for example, an existing alternative to AkkuGrain, is far less effective and doesn’t have the capacity to filter out any of the toxic gases. AkkuGrain is also a far more cost effective solution and doesn’t generate the dust so often associated with Vermiculate, making it cleaner and easier to use.Attached below aresome brochures and information and examples of what Dolav can supply. I have also sent you a video link demonsrating AkkuGrain‘s performance: